Why In-Packs?

By Kristyn Jones

Everyone has had that emotional moment from childhood when you opened a cereal box and found a toy! In-pack premiums bring instant gratification and extend brand exposure (and the brand experience) well beyond a single use.

What does your consumer get?

  • Builds brand loyalty
  • Participate in the excitement
  • Experience instant gratification
  • Functional premiums (like spoons) benefit consumers for a long time

What does the retailer get?

  • Creates a point of difference at ‘moment of truth’ in-aisle
  • Added-value instead of promotional discounting
  • Exciting offers & displays boost sagging category
  • Support entertainment property-based store-in-store displays
  • Creates retailer loyalty
  • Collectible sets promote pantry loading, multiple repeat purchases
  • Enticing endcaps boost traffic in declining center store aisles

What does your brand get?

  • 13-30% CPG incremental sales lift
  • Wins feature & display with key accounts
  • Entertainment partner can bring new customers to brand
  • Your branded premium can live on in households for years
  • Collectible premiums may create multiple purchases
  • Toys provide value beyond discounting
  • Differentiation: Breaks through the clutter with packaging & POS takeovers
  • Creates “news” and social media buzz

Here’s the research:

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