Quick Solution for Supply Chain Disruption

By Greg Batton

The world is experiencing an on-going, large scope, COVID induced, supply chain challenge.  The global supply chain has been impacted in unforeseen ways and continue to appear regularly. 


A long term client came to Insight with a COVID-19 related, supply-chain disruption asking for resources to fill this manufacturing gap.

  • Polymer manufacturing has been impacted globally.
  • Client supplier could not get resin.
  • Client supplier could not make containers for product.
  • Industry could not produce standard, printed containers.
  • Unprinted containers were available
  • Client could not ship product without key regulatory information on the containers.

Client needed a mechanism to either bridge this issue or not produce for key customers for at least 3 months. 


Desired option was to apply a pressure-sensitive label to all filled/lidded containers at speed to meet regulatory requirements for salable product.  Keys to project success was speed to market and a robust solution. 

  • 8/13 first client contact
  • 8/20 Line testing was conducted with redundant labelers for multiple production legs
    • Results were 99.6% but would require additional line attendants to watch for any missed labels. 
  • 9/10 Insight responded with an option for an additional labeler for each leg with a vision inspection and ‘clean-up’ system for any missed labels.
    • Results were 99.9+% conversion.
  • Line was then scheduled and new tactic commissioned 10/1.


  • 6 weeks from first contact to production
  • Label delivery at burst speed of 500 labels/min
  • Redundant, low down time labeling system
  • Multiple production legs
  • 99.9+% conversion
  • Client able to fulfill product commitments to key national account
  • Client recoup >$14MM in revenue

In 6 weeks from first conversation, Insight applied a 2” round label at 500-550 pieces per minute, in 12-cup bursts.  To achieve ~0 defects and avoid using temporary labor (to single out missed cups and add stickers manually) Insight designed and engineered a camera solution to verify all cups passing under a final 3rd labeler and, if missing, dispense a label onto that cup. 

A 99.9+% hit rate with the integrated system was achieved.  Volume produced was roughly 5,000 cases/day, or 240,000 labels/day, and 21.6 million labels for a 3 month run.

Our clients’ production lines would have been down for at least 3 months, approximately $14.04MM in lost revenue.