Premium Delivery for CPG or QSR

By Russ Muth, VP Client Services

So, your brand thinks its good for the business to deliver a consumer premium.  Maybe to energize a buyer, reward consumers, or activate a sponsorship?  Maybe to bundle a meal or trade them up to a bigger one?

Insight has delivered 1 billion premiums directly and instantly to consumers: In-Pack and On-Pack.

There are 2 ways to do it at high speeds and high quantities:

  • Insertion: we deploy our equipment, the packaged premiums, and our technical SWAT team to your point of manufacture.  On-site and in-line, our proprietary equipment inserts premiums into your retail packaging at normal line speeds.  No disruptions, just happy consumers.
  • Encapsulated Labeling: we can deploy premiums inside of labels, through our labelers and onto your packaging while it’s still flat (inside) or formed (outside).  Again, happy consumers.

No capital expense, we already own the mobile equipment.

No fuss, we handle the premium creation and the delivery seamlessly. 

No worries, we’ve done it a billion times.
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