P&G Security RF Labeling

By Russ Muth

When Dollar General challenged P&G to improve the security of their expensive fabric care SKUs, P&G called Insight.

Dollar General discovered that expensive bags of Tide Pods and Gain Flings were literally walking out the door without getting the register rings. The pods had high perceived value for their core consumer. Shoplifting was a serious challenge to their bottom line.

Dollar General already had security pedestals installed at their exit doors, so P&G provided new RF labels, and Insight provided the equipment and technical service to apply RF labels to Tide Pod and Gain Fling stand-up bags on their production lines without slowing down rates. Bags often inconsistently present themselves to a labeler, so Insight customized the equipment to meet the challenge.

P&G Security RF Labeling Insight Inc.
P&G Security RF Labeling Insight Inc.

Within 4 weeks of the initial call, two P&G plants were up-and-running at top speed, shipping quickly to Dollar General and providing required security to their valued customer.