Nostalgia–Does it sell?

By Allison Infelise

Nostalgia--Does it sell? Insight Inc.

The year is 1997, you have on your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles matching pajama set, the smell of coffee has been wafting through the house for a few hours now…

It’s summer break, and the day is just beginning–filled with endless possibilities and the skies are the limit for the day.  The early afternoon will be filled with meeting your best friends two streets over and racing your bikes to the nearest playground.  Hopefully, a slip ‘n slide or water balloon fight is in your near future to beat the heat. What’s that in the distance? The soft, familiar sound of the ice cream man passing by as you scramble to find any loose change in the couch cushions for an afternoon treat. 

But first… a big bowl of cereal over cold milk.  The only question is, did your sibling get to the free toy inside first? Did mom sneak the toy out to ensure you finish your breakfast? Saturday morning cartoons are playing over the background, as you peruse the back of the box, reading, drawing with your finger, and finding hidden, secret messages on the box.  The cereal is half full, FINALLY, and it is now time to start the dig.  Fishing around, hand down deep enough to feel the bottom of the flap.  Suddenly, you feel it, as you tightly close your fists around your newest treasure, cereal all over the counter, yelling to your family that you found the gold first.  What will it be this time?

Nostalgia--Does it sell? Insight Inc.

On average, a trend takes about 20 years to circle back around.  Cue Pokémon cards, fanny packs, baseball trading cards, neon windbreakers, bucket hats.  Bring them ALL back. (Well, maybe not Jynco’s… perhaps in the next decade, or just leave those far back where they belong). Including really fun toys in cereal boxes.  Cool for kids now, cool for future generations, and even cooler for those that grew up in one of the greatest eras of all time.  Let’s take a break from the digital era and bring back the simple joys of just being a kid with a really cool and collectible toy. The current generation and future generations should get to have the same feeling of childlike wonder and imagination.

We are here to bring back childhood nostalgia. Putting the FUN back in cereal. Does it sell? You better believe it. 

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