North American Supply Chain

By Russ Muth, VP Client Services

Most toys are made in China. But when Insight decided to design, develop & supply toys to its biggest customers, Insight had, well, insight!

Instead of replicating a China-based model of toy supply, Insight developed North American-based factories capable of supplying many types of toys.

In Canada, USA & Mexico, these are audited facilities, making toys that meet the most rigorous safety standards:

North American Supply Chain Insight Inc.
These are Insight’s audited North American factories.

Insight prefers to manufacture products domestically for these reasons:

  • Extensive variety of product capabilities
  • Lower cost, faster freight
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Inventory warehousing (<3-day transit)
  • Same day communications
  • Fewer holiday-related ramifications
  • Fewer language barriers

And in light of the current global freight crisis (container shortages, port closures, skyrocketing costs) we were, well, insightful.

North American Supply Chain Insight Inc.
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