2021 is already here and at this very moment, the whole world still faces a big common challenge. At the same time, amidst the crisis, people still have to live their lives, with precaution and making sure they keep themselves safe.

As life goes on, first need products and other commodities are still a part of people’s lives. Concrete sectors of the manufacturing industry are indeed enduring adverse circumstances, but for everyone’s best interests, manufacturing must keep on and has kept on.

So, let’s see what the Mexican manufacturing industry has to offer, where it stands right now and why it is an excellent option for national and international business. It’s no coincidence that more companies have found in this country a good place to manufacture their merchandise. 

There are major manufacturing industries that have bloomed within the last decades and especially during the transition to the 21st century. Let us explain which are these industries and why that has happened.

The plastic industry in Mexico has a large market size since it’s one of the biggest producers and consumers in the world with its population growing towards 130 million inhabitants, with thousands of plastic manufacturers established in the country.

So, let’s see the overview of the Mexican manufacturing sector, and then we’ll present some interesting facts about the main industries that are part of it, as well as a reminder of the benefits that come with manufacturing in Mexico.

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