Machine As A Service (MAAS)

By Russ Muth, VP Client Services

In 1999, Insight responded to a corporate client challenge with ‘insight’.  Marketing was asking for more and operations could not efficiently deliver.  Marketing craved flexibility that a 50-year old CPG was not set up to deliver.  Until they employed Machine as a Service (MAAS) with Insight.

MAAS is a model that enables manufacturers to align their business strategies with the ever-changing tastes and needs of the consumer.  It provides ultimate flexibility.  It is also a total cash flow approach that captures all associated costs for installing, operating, upgrading and maintaining the equipment.

In 2021, consumers are fickle and demand increased personalization and customization. Retail channels like Big Box and eCommerce have emerged and proliferated and they demand packaging differentiation. Emerging brands are often more agile. And the big manufacturers lack the agility to respond efficiently.

Why use the MAAS model to address these challenges?

  • Manufacturers can focus on their core business, while creating flexibility
  • Do the math & decide: please sum the dollars you’ll spend on equipment acquisition and installation, financing/freezing funds, machine upgradeability, repair/maintenance, downtime, change management, and end-of-life costs.

Insight creates custom automated solutions that can be deployed globally on-demand.  We have the agility to deploy MAAS to ignite manufacturers potential.

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