Leverage Your Equity

By Kristyn Jones, Account Executive

Gone are the days you need to spend tons of money on an entertainment license to create a cool premium to appeal to your target audience. At Insight, we consider ourselves to be the “equity experts,” as we help CPGs and QSRs create outstanding collectible premiums and promotions without a hefty licensing price tag. Today, all you need is your own brand and product portfolio.

Year over year, figurines are identified as one of the most collectible and sought after toys/premiums. Funko, one of the biggest collectible figurine manufacturers, has a line of toys called “Funko POP! Ad Icons.” This line of toys is dedicated to mascots that are well known in pop-culture. If you have a mascot, our job is easy! Creating a collectible figurine for your brand like the one below is a surefire way to captivate a variety of audiences.

Ronald McDonald

Leverage Your Equity Insight Inc.

Morton Salt Girl

Leverage Your Equity Insight Inc.

Bullseye, Target Dog

Leverage Your Equity Insight Inc.

Don’t have a mascot? That’s okay too!

Even if your brand doesn’t have a mascot, you can still benefit from collectibles like figurines! Do you have a well-known product or two? Personify it, and VOILA! Check out a few examples of this below.

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

Leverage Your Equity Insight Inc.

Hostess Donettes

Leverage Your Equity Insight Inc.

White Castle Slider

Leverage Your Equity Insight Inc.

Now that you see the possibilities, what are you waiting for? Let’s leverage your equity!

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