Lean automation

We provide expertise of custom automation, robotic and controls platforms.


Lean Automation is Insight’s process for prioritizing overall business goals using automation as a tool for business success. When Insight elevates the discussion to include economy, strategy, and technology, our partners achieve higher profitability, faster speed to market, and greater market share.


Our unique strategic approach is universally successful when simplified to motion control. 
We have demonstrated performance in the following categories:

Lean Automation Insight Inc.
Lean Automation Insight Inc.

Our Process

Insight focuses on discovery of the root causes to organizational challenges. We facilitate a process upfront to roadmap our partner’s optimal manufacturing future. Then we execute the required technological solutions with no allegiance to any prescribed technology.



Innovation and discerning discovery underscore everything we do. We spend time asking the right questions to understand your business.  We listen closely to all the company stakeholders––corporate staff, factory management and line personnel in a customized discovery process that helps define business opportunities. This allow us to integrate and synchronize what our partners do best with what we do best.



We provide a framework and a common language to ensure our clients improve the way they evolve. We will bring our cross-functional team of innovators to your facility in order to unleash your full manufacturing potential. Our methodology offers a checklist to prevent skipping critical steps.



We develop action plans tailored to our partner’s environment, ensuring responsible capital spend and resource utilization to affect positive change for both the short-term and long-term.



We provide expertise of custom automation, robotics, and controls platforms. With capabilities such as:

  • Mechanical design and engineering
  • Controls and robotics software
  • Electronics system integration
  • 3D modeling, prototyping, animations
  • Equipment assembly, integration and installation