“FREE INSIDE” — The Magic of In-Pack Promotions

By Russ Muth, VP Client Services

“FREE INSIDE” are magical words that retailers and consumers love to hear.

Retailers love to provide their customers with an appealing offer, especially if it’s exclusive to their store.  And they love an offer that moves product off their shelves faster than normal or provides trade-up to bigger sizes.  FREE INSIDE messaging can motivate consumers to purchase products that are not already on their shopping lists! 

People like free stuff!

In the CPG world, free stuff can actually be delivered inside their normal boxes or bags and opened right in their kitchen.  Surprise!  The surprise could be coupons for related brands, or mini recipe books featuring a favorite ingredient, or food samples of an emerging brand extension, or even toys based on a current movie release.  Have you ever seen a FREE INSIDE Star Wars toy offer and been drawn to a brand or category that you don’t normally buy?  Of course, you have!  Free World Cup soccer stuff lures me to buy just about anything.  That’s why brands partner with entertainment properties and activate with FREE INSIDE stuff.  FREE INSIDE offers can motivate consumers away from their normal pantry purchase.  They are that powerful.

Even the hard-core manufacturing staff that run production plants love to hear FREE INSIDE because it usually means shipping out more pounds per day, more per year and that means end of year bonuses.  Hard-to-please Brand Managers love those words when their mature brand is struggling with on-shelf differentiation.  They have competitors to the left and to the right, above and below, but a screaming FREE INSIDE violator can motivate consumer trial, and consumer adoption.

FREE INSIDE. It is as American as toys, Chevy and apple pie. And it moves product. Pounds of it.

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