Design With Intent™

By Russ Muth, VP Client Services

Insight’s design team has years of experience creating and supplying toys.  In our world, that typically means toys that are destined for a CPG promotion, and often in-pack.

We bear a great responsibility to create something that’s fun and engaging and is also safe for kids.  And it needs to be easily inserted into CPG packaging at a price point, on-time.   That’s designing with intent.

The recipe is this:

  • One part fun and engaging product for specific demographic
  • One part age-appropriate safety requirements
  • One part insert-ability (is that a word?)
  • A dash of appropriate retail seasonality or themed event
  • And a sprinkle of the brand’s equity characters or their licensed partner characters
  • Stir in sustainability, the price point and the timeline!

The result is a delicious and engaging product that meets safety requirements, is insert-able and can be supplied at client’s price point.

We mix this recipe every day at Insight. We design with intent.

For more information on our process, click here.

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