Brand Activation

The “Kidult”

By Haley Stermetz Traditional toys have been making a comeback in recent months and the “kidult” is helping to drive this trend. As younger and older adults search for comfort and nostalgia amidst the pandemic, they are gravitating toward their favorite childhood toys. Whether it’s the 1970s train sets or the 1980s Rubik’s Cube, an …

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Why In-Packs?

By Kristyn Jones Everyone has had that emotional moment from childhood when you opened a cereal box and found a toy! In-pack premiums bring instant gratification and extend brand exposure (and the brand experience) well beyond a single use. What does your consumer get? Builds brand loyalty Participate in the excitement Experience instant gratification Functional …

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Quick Solution for Supply Chain Disruption

By Greg Batton The world is experiencing an on-going, large scope, COVID induced, supply chain challenge.  The global supply chain has been impacted in unforeseen ways and continue to appear regularly.  CHALLENGE: A long term client came to Insight with a COVID-19 related, supply-chain disruption asking for resources to fill this manufacturing gap. Polymer manufacturing …

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