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Our Process Insight Inc.


Discovery is part of the everyday lifestyle at Insight. We participate in:


  • Cultivating our network of innovation
  • Identifying trends from broad varieties of industry trade events
  • Primary and secondary research
  • In-store shelf research
  • Data mining from social influencers and platforms


Discovery is essential to the Insight DNA and informs our design process.

Our Process Insight Inc.


Blue sky thinking meets practicality; DISCLAIMER: Anything but ordinary. Our creators have decades of expertise designing:

  • Toys
  • Print
  • Packaging
  • Various Sampling Formats
  • Promotional Campaigns


All Insight product is designed to meet or exceed applicable standards. We’re familiar with just about every QA acronym out there and are always ready to update our rule book. Our current alphabet soup includes:




We apply our standards, your standards, and U.S. standards to define our North American sourcing strategy.


We are also proud members of the International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization, who is an international, neutral forum for product safety stakeholders to learn, network and share information.

Our Process Insight Inc.


Depending on your product format and method of distribution, Insight currently offers a variety of packaging solutions:


  • Continuous format bandolier packaging for automatic insertion
  • Flow wrapping (transparent or printed)
  • Packaging items together (shrink wrapping, polybagging, blister)
  • Co-packaging of confections or leaflets
  • Primary packaging sampling (liquids, powders, food)
  • Retail packaging (folding cartons, window boxes, blister cards, CDU’s)


Your product is now ready for its world debut, whether on a retail shelf or part of a package-based promotion. 


If you’re part of a package-based promotion, welcome to Insight’s In-The-Box thinking. Using our proprietary, on-demand, automated equipment, we have inserted over one billion toys and samples globally…and counting!


  • No capital investment
  • No interruption to your packaging systems
  • No changes to your plant’s floorplan, assembly line, or labor force


We bring everything we need with us to your facility, and we take it all away when we’re done.


This MaaS (Machine as a Service) business model enables manufacturers to align their business strategies with the ever changing tastes and needs of the consumer. It provides ultimate flexibility. It is also a total cash flow approach that captures all associated costs for installing, operating, upgrading, and maintaining the equipment.


We live in a digital world—here’s how we keep up!


  • Augmented reality (marker + markerless)
  • Near-field communication (NFC)
  • App creation
  • Virtual reality/3D
  • Variable codes


The cool kids in our innovation station are always dreaming up ways to bridge the gap between physical and digital.