Our Technologies

Assembling, Quality Control and Manufacturing Technologies

  • High speed assembling
  • Vision guided assembly
  • Vision inspection
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • High-precision measurement
  • Lathe, grinder serving robot cells

Robotic Systems

  • Complex Robotic Systems
  • Robotic Assembling
  • Vision Guided and Conveyor Tracking Robotics
  • Molding Machine Robotic Tending
  • Palletizing Solutions for the CPG Packaging Industry
Our Technologies Insight Inc.
Our Technologies Insight Inc.

Custom Packaging Solutions

  • Robotic specialty Palletizing, including Conveyor systems and Traffic management
  • Flexible packaging solutions
  • Custom case packing

Thermoforming Automation

  • Flat Sheet Thermoforming
  • Trimming Press Offload
  • Universal Trimming Press Tools

Injection Molding Machine Automation

  • Molding machine robotic tending
  • Vision assisted quality control systems

PLC & HMI Robotic Programming

Our Technologies Insight Inc.
Our Technologies Insight Inc.
Our Technologies Insight Inc.

We lease our equipment to our partners on an as-needed basis. This is called the MaaS (Machine as a Service) business model, which is how we launched our business in 1999.

There is no corporate capital expenditure required, enabling greater flexibility in cash flow, manufacturing, and staffing. Insight has reduced overall costs and increased service consistently for over 20 years.

In-plant, on-the-line specialties include:

  • In pack promotional materials into retail packs
    • Custom premiums
    • Primary packaging sample creation
  • On-pack labeling