Insight develops, implements and supports lean automation and brand activation.


Our mission is to provide thoughtful, innovative,
future-forward solutions and become valued partners
across lean automation and brand activation.


Our vision is to define and transform the
future of manufacturing.

What We Do

We scope, develop, and support solutions by integrating our modeling, technical expertise, and systematic discovery. We then identify opportunities to modify existing business processes to drive operational efficiencies and create competitive advantage.

How We Do It

Innovation and discerning discovery underscore everything we do.


We don’t look for quick-turn, transactional projects.


  • We do scope, investigate, and ask the right questions to understand your business.
  • We do listen closely to all the company stakeholders––corporate staff, factory management, engineering and line operators in a customized discovery process that helps define business opportunities.
  • We do integrate and synchronize what our partners do best with what we do best.
  • We do develop action plans tailored to our partner’s environment, ensuring that we utilize their resources to present and execute positive change for both the short-term and long-term.

Where We Began

We began over 20 years ago. Simply stated, we inserted toys into cereal boxes, more than a billion of them. Instead of just designing a machine to insert toys, we developed a business model that didn’t require capital, minimized line disruption, minimized corporate staff time or factory personnel maintenance. And, that model could be employed on demand. We found ways to meet a marketing need without creating manufacturing headaches.
We scoped, developed, and supported a technical-based business model that transformed the way our partners met their commercial goals. This is still the foundation of what we do today.
In 2017, we acquired Chicago Automation, a robotics engineering firm serving a broad array of disciplines, including research and development of automotive, plastic processing/injection molding, machine tool automation, assembly and factory robotic integration.

Core Values

About Insight Inc.