Providing Innovative Solutions for Over 20 Years

Deploy Specialized  Knowledge Leaders

Unique Strategic Process

Future-Forward Thinking


Insight’s ultimate deliverable is transformative change. Our Brand Activation Business Unit transformed how consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers automated package-based promotions. Now Insight’s Lean Automation Business Unit creates process innovations for manufacturers in many industries. We meet clients wherever they are on their path to change and partner with them to create lasting value.

Two Business Units

with a shared strategic approach and a foundation of engineering


Deploy Specialized Knowledge Leaders
We deploy specialized knowledge leaders to uncover the root cause of your manufacturing challenges.


Unique Strategic Process
Insight doesn’t look for quick-turn, tactical, transactional projects. We have a unique strategic process where we ask you the right questions to get to the root cause of your challenge(s), then we solve for that.


We apply manufacturing insights to solve complex technical business problems.


• Thought leadership
• Consulting
• Process analysis and mapping
• Manufacturing line design Integration
• Automation strategy
• Unleash manufacturing potential


We provide insightful, strategic solutions to move our client’s businesses forward. That requires innovative thinking. So whether we are talking about lean automation or brand activation, Insight Inc. is literally and figuratively “INNOVATION IN MOTION”.